Job Interview

I have a job interview tomorrow at Walmart, i Hope it goes well. Bills will be harder to pay but hopefully the stress level will lower at the security of having a job 🙂  Wish me luck! ❤


~ Anglis


Pathetic Haters

If you’re on any of the social networks like facebook, you know there’s drama.  Even if you are a private account you are not really private these days.  No one gets along with everyone they meet, we all have people we don’t like.  We all have people who don’t like us.  This is just part of being human and having individuality and free will.  We are all our own people.  So no one likes the same as everyone else.  

I’m sure most of us in life have had turning points where we are no longer around someone who we don’t get along with, but yet they seem to still butt in.   If you have not seen someone in more then 3 months in person or talked to them at all, you don’t like this person, but you deem it necessary to go to their social things, be it youtube, blogs, Facebook, whatever the case may be, and snoop thru all their things to find stuff to gossip about.  How pathetic and meaningless is your life?

If you don’t like the person but you don’t deal with them on a day to day basis anymore then just let it go.   I realize it’s hard to get over hating someone once you’ve started, i know i’m dealing with this as well, i’m not perfect, no one is.  However, I do not go to my enemies social pages and then spend my time gossiping about them now.  Instead of adding more drama that is not needed anymore, spend your time with something happier.

Forgive and Forget right?  So Forgive the person for whatever it was that made you angry and hate them, then just start telling your brain to forget all about that person ever existing.   That poison needs to be cleansed from your body.   Remember social medias have been created to connect with friends and family more, start using it for what it’s there for.

I also find it rather amusing when alot of these Drama gossip stalkers claim to be religious and righteous.   Simply walking in the church is not making you a very good holy person who is instantly going to heaven.  Giving a big offering every Sunday doesn’t either.  Never picking up and reading the bible, then trying (yes trying not doing since no one is able to perfectly do all that is taught in the bible) to practice what it preaches is what makes you a good person.  Doing the drama gossip stalker thing is defiantly  not something Jesus would do.  So jump off your high pedestal and come down to reality where you belong. 

I’ve been working on shrugging off my hatred and anger i’ve held onto for the last 12 years.  I’ve been making alot of progress, but i do get a wrench thrown into my progress when i have things coming back to me about people doing this shit.  I’m not perfect, neither are you,  If you’re going to claim to be religious then make sure you are being religious and not just using it as a front to add to your image.  I don’t care if it’s paganism, Buddhism, Christianity or what, religion isn’t something to claim to have just for public image, either practice the religion or leave that part out of your life.


i’ve ranted enough for the night, sweet dreams.

~ Anglis


Hospitals save lives, But it’s no secret that people die there as well.  More then anyone would like.  Whenever I’m there, even if it’s just to visit someone or be with someone in the ER, I feel such an overwhelming sense of dread and depression.  Anyone else feel like this?  I just feel edgy from it.  

I love that they help people, I just hate the way i feel in them.  It’s emotinoally draining.  One of my Nieces had to go yesterday due to a playground accident.  She wanted me to go with her and her mom, and she wanted me to bring one of my puppets.  So I did, and that helped keep our minds off it for a while, however towards the end we were all stressed about being there for so long.  

She broke her radius on her right arm.  She’ll be in a cast but it should heal fine.  She was freaking out about the thought of a cast, thought it was going to be really tight and hurt, i told her not to worry, i had one when i was young.  she cried before that but afterwards she seeming better.  Of course some tears were shed, poor thing, bless her heart.  I want to share some pics of her with you guys ❤