Don’t Follow Someone Blindly Just Because They Have a Title

I don’t usually vent about something religious because to each their own right? But someone i know had an issue recently with a preacher of a church, their 14 year old girl is the only one in the family that goes to church but she’s very Christianity and she is active in all their activities and she really does try to be everything a christian should be.

However she was recently told by the preacher that since the rest of her family does not go to church and some of them indeed do drugs, that she was going to hell right along side them. That because of their sins she was going to hell.

I’m very glad for her parents and the rest of the church for standing up against this preacher, i hear he’s getting kicked down from the preacher seat.

This is exactly why ricky doesn’t go to any church anymore. when we were getting close to getting married, he wanted to find a church, and i supported him in doing so, we were going to different churches to find one he liked, i went solely for helping him not be afraid, i also was helping him understand things they were teaching, i’ve always been good at helping people understand the lessons, I didn’t stop Christianity because i didn’t understand it, i did it because it was like going to school to me, i was learning but had no soul or spirit into it.

But one church in particular ricky really liked, we even went to their bible study on wed nights, when it came time for ricky to decide he wanted to join the church, one of the three preachers, one we hadn’t met yet, he was pretty young, the other two were nice, knew of my background and understood why i was there. This one in particular took us out to frisch’s, and explained to ricky that being married to me would send him to hell.

we had a scripture the other preachers showed that they accepted me and thought it was amazing for ricky to be with me even though we weren’t the same religion. I can’t remember it exactly but i do remember it was one of the Corinthians i believe. It stated that a man that married a non believer was a witness to that nonbeliever every day and was held high in his witness to her. It stated it was fine to be in love with someone who believed something different. When this man was informed of this, and he was supposed to be a preacher, he said ricky was going to hell and i was the devil and god would no longer love him if he married me. he had to leave me instantly.

Ricky lost it and we both left, we never went back, ricky has long since refused to pick up a bible or go to a church no matter how many times i’ve at least tried to get him to read his bible. A church isn’t needed but i think the bible would help him sometimes when he’s upset. He has just completely lost interest thanks to one dick ass preacher.

Just because they are a preacher doesn’t mean everything they say is right. if you think they are wrong stand up for it, make them prove their reasoning. to many of them preach their views without having scripture to back it up, this one in particular ignored the scripture we had to back up our rights to marriage. he said the scripture was wrong.

So i’m not saying quit chruches or anything but if you disagree or you are unsure on what they are saying, have them back it up with scripture, then at least you have some way to interpret the scripture for yourself. there’s a reason why theres several types of bibles, because people don’t interpret the same line the same way. even from the bible.

It never hurts to do research, don’t blindly follow what everyone says just because they have a title. If that was the way we should all be, there’d never be any issues with any president’s decisions ever in the history of our nation. Think about it.

~ Anglis


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